Star Wars Hunters for Android Review

  1. About the game - Welcome to the planet Vespaara - where under the bright lights of the Arena, survivors of the fallen Galactic Empire and new heroes alike face-off in spectacular gladiatorial battles that will solidify the victors as legends throughout the galaxy.
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  3. Gameplay
  4. Review - If you're a Star Wars fan who likes arena shooter games, then this is a fun game with smooth graphics and a similar UI as any other game of this format. The game has in-game purchases, several gameplay modes, unlockable characters and character upgrades. While not immediately obvious, the game's settings menu offers the ability to toggle between 30 & 60 FPS, various graphics level settings, audio options and more. The main feature I like (partly because I don't usually play games of this style) is that it has controller support so my gameplay was done with the Razer Kishi. The game does also offer touch screen controls which I used for the first (non-recorded) gameplay to get through the tutorial. Login isn't required so if you want to test the game, you can skip that step then go back and sign-in if you want to sync/backup your gameplay. Overall, the game is fun enough and is reminiscent of the Fortnite version of Star Wars Battlefront. My main negatives are the UI as it still feels very busy and the notifiction reminders to play the game, various things in-game are ready, etc so I'll give it some time to see if I can get into it.
  5. Overall - As of today, I give the game a rating of 7/10 because of the graphics and gameplay but has a UI that's the Star Wars version of any other game which doesn't really help it or at least doesn't make me want to keep playing the game.