Knott's 100 Year Anniversary Part 07/10 - Road to 10k steps

Since Knott's a smaller park compared to parks like Disneyland and Six Flag's Magic Mountain, aside from walking around the park, I find the best way to get to 10k steps is to first take the outside loop to see the whole park then zig zag throughout the park to go on rides, check out the shops and watch various shows. Also, going on rides defiantly helps since the queues for rides like Ghost Rider and Jaguar can get pretty long when the park is busy. While we didn't quite get to 10k steps in the screenshot above, we also didn't go on the water rides so that would have gotten us to the limit.


I'll have a separate post for Spooky/Scare farm decorations but since they're starting the setup already, I thought I'd share a preview of what I saw so far

I loved this theming of the shooting gallery

I don't remember seeing this statue before but I love it

I wonder if this is new for 2023

Still my favorite Halloween Old West decoration

Don't look now but I think there's a spider

She's so beautiful lol

No special comments, I just wanted to use Magic Eraser in Google Photos

I don't remember seeing the doors closed before..they must be setting up for Scary Farm