Star Wars Knights of the Republic 1 Female Mace Windu Gampeplay (Soldier/Consular)

After watching the trailer for 'Star Wars Outlaws,' I got to thinking what a KOTOR gameplay would look like with a female Mace Windu (mostly because I don't remember ever playing as a female more than once or twice and I know there's a romance with Carth instead of Bastila). As far as the Mace Windu part goes, I want to max my strength and force powers so I'm going to try a Soldier-Consular combo. I plan to use purple lightsabers as soon as I can (at least until I get the Mantle of the Force and Heart of the Guardian crystals). I haven't decided on the force powers I want to use but I plan to use ones we know of like Force Speed, Stasis & blaster deflection along with Flurry melee fighting. All other stat upgrades will be to support these items.

Gameplay Playlist

Much like my recent prior gameplays, I will be using the following mods --

  • Jedi from the start
  • Easy pazaak
  • Easy swoop racing
Edit 06.22.23: I stopped using all upscale mods as it was creating an issue with the romance between my character and Carth. Ramining listed mods are still being used as they don't seem to cause any issues at the moment...