Knott's 100 Year Anniversary Part 03/10 - My Top 10 Food Spots (Podcast Companion Post)

01/10 Coaster's Diner - For some good old fashioned American food

02/10 Prop Shop Pizzeria - For good pziza and pasta over the place next to Gold Trails Motel

03/10 Calico Saloon - More for the adults but a good resting spot for themed drinks

04/10 Fireman's BBQ - the name says it all but it can get messy

05/10 Boardwalk BBQ - A good alternative to Coater's Diner

06/10 Charleston Circle Coffee - the name says it all but for a good afternoon pick-me-p

07/10 Churros - my favorite spot located next to the saloon

08/10 Ice cream treats - also next to to the saloon

09/10 Any popcorn stand - I'm just a sucker for popped corn

10/10 The candy shop next to Charleston Circle Coffee