Knott's 100 Year Anniversary Part 02/10 - Top 10 Boysenberry Festival Views (Podcast Companion Post)

Video Version

As alaways, the entrance to Knott's is decorated in the them of the current event

Ghost Town was actually the most themed land for the Boysenberry Festival

I liked the setup but feel like they could have used the Ghost Rider queue setup for this

Probably the least of the decorations but a good entry point to the street on the left

My favorite setup by the entrance to Berry Tales but feel this area should have had more decorations

A totally random setup next to the Calico Train but fits well

A beautiful setup and great photo op next to the General Store

More Easter than Boysenberry related but an apt setup as you enter Camp Snoopy

Still more Easter Themed but a very festive setup in Camp Snoopy

As a sequel to the last time I shot from thie POV, I like this view for the variety of colors

Bonus Content

Took this shot mostly because the setup has bees and grasshoppers

Made a point to look for the Sasquatch footprint

The Boysenberry Mojito is not only not overly strong but also not too sweet so it's quite refreshing

Reverse POV on the Calico Mine Ride before leaving the station

Deep Fried Ravioli with Boysenberry Marinara - great taste and flavored lunch