Goldeneye 007 on Xbox Game Pass

Ever since I heard that Goldeneye 007 from the Nintendo 64 would be released on Xbox Game Pass, I've been meaning to give it a shot. To that end, a bit of backstory that I tried out Xbox Game Pass for about a month when they offered $0.99 to try it out. It seems like it works well on my OnePlus 10 Pro with nearly no lag or hiccups. Since that is a good start, I think it's time to knock Goldeneye off of my bucket list of games I hear really good things about but have never played in single player. I have played the multi-player with friends but it never really held much context outside of what I saw in the movie. A summary of the game is below along with a link to the gameplay play list on YouTube to follow along with my progress.
  • Synopsis - Beginning in the heavily-guarded chemical weapons facility at the Byelomorye Dam, you’ll guide Bond on a globe-trotting covert operation to stop the devastating GoldenEye weapons satellite before its power can be unleashed upon the world.
  • Gameplay Playlist (YouTube)
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