Knott's 100 Year Anniversary Part 01/10 - Top 10 Photo Ops (Podcast Companion Post)

I love Knott's theming for their events throughout the year

The Gold Trails Hotel makes for a good photo op when the park is a ghost town

Another good photo op in Ghost Town when attendance is light

Since I couldn't get the photo in Fiesta Village, this shot at the graveyard works as well

I loved this floral arrangement at the Boardwalk next to Berry Tales

Relaxing in Calico Saloon is always a good time (I recommend the Honey Roasted Peanut Amber)

Didn't catch the show but sitting in a saloon is always relaxing

Tried a 30s long exposure but this is a great photo op anytime of year

The Boardwalk at sunset is beautiful

Camp Snoopy at sunset is also beautiful

Bonus Content
The shops in Ghost Town are some of my favorites

Didn't ride the Galloping Goose this time but looks like a bus-train