Star Wars Ships Inspired Homescreen for Android

After I worked through my last homescreen to make my homescreen tie together the UIs of the Zune, OLauncher and Niagar Launcher, I thought to myself how I could turn this into a more Star Wars look and feel. To that end, I came up with what you see in the screenshots above and the video below. While it is a mish-mash of various ship styles (think CIS, Empire and Rebellion mixed together), the simplest analogy I can make is that it takes elements from Boba Fett's Slave One, Luke Skywalker's X-Wing and an Imperial Tie-Fighter. In place of holograms when someone calls, I have a pop-up widget for my bookmarks, calendar events and e-mails. Default accent colors pull from whatever image I have set (currently the inside of the First Order battle cruiser at Rise of the Resistance) but the highlight of the look is when colors change to whatever media I'm listening to (think battle mode when a ship changes from simple flight to weapons systems getting activated).They change based on the current image then change back when playback stops. The only element that's giving me a bit of trouble is the big battery bar. I want to give it more of a grill look so I may need to add more overlays so i'm keeping it as is but animates when music is playing.