Star Wars KOTOR 2 for Android - Female Jedi Sentinel (Gameplay)

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With my recent completion of Knights of the Old Republic with the 'Jedi from the Start' mod, I wanted to see if a similar mod is available for Knights of the Old Republic II. Since the primary character starts with Force powers on Peragus already, it wouldn't be quite the same mod but I figured that maybe an enterprising modder made it so any character that could be upgraded to a Jedi throughout the game made it so they were a force user as soon as they are added to the team. To that end, I found a mod called 'Everyone starts as  Jedi' so will see if this improves the gameplay and makes it more fun to have a team of force users throughout the game rather than relying on a janky system for upgrading the characters then ultimately only having basic force abilities.

All mods used in this gameplay are listed below --

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