Star Wars KOTOR 1 Scout/Sentinel (Gameplay)

  • Summary - For this gameplay, I wanted to play as a Darth Maul type character (double bladed lightsaber and all)! The closest build I could think of was a Scout character for Maul's ability to adapt to any situation and Sentinel Force user to mix the strength of a soldier with the luck of the scoundrel (or "force" the situation to their will for dark side users)
  • Mods used
    • Jedi from the Start mod - For obvious reasons
    • EZ Swoop Racing mod - The game didn't translate well to mobile in my opinion but I still like the side quests so I thought I'd try this one this time
    • EZ Pazaak mod - The AI is terribly biased to the game so I thought I'd try this to see how it works. Near as I can tell, getting a 20 with base cards is unchanged but the game won't be able to used the extended deck which should level the playing field a bit
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