OnePlus 10 Pro Long Exposure Mode Part 2

This post will be a little different in that it is an addendum post to my trip to Knott's Scary Farm on 09/21/22 and my experience with the long exposure mode on my OnePlus 10 Pro. The following photos are the listed with their individual setups and details for reference. The podcast episode reviewing the trip can be found here.

On my last trip to the amusement park, I got to play with the xpan mode to take some beautiful photos of the park. Since then, I had a chance to learn about and test the Long Exposure mode on my OnePlus 10 Pro but not take some actual photos in action. The following pictures were taken to practice using this camera mode and see if it's worth the effort.

  • Pumpkin patch and waterfall next to Calico River Rapids - I used my tripod for this shot and setup the Water & Clouds Long Exposure mode to 12seconds. I then cropped the image to what you see here and applied the HDR filter in Snapseed.
  • Waterfall and garden in Camp Snoopy - For this shot, I set my phone on the fence and set the exposure mode at 4 seconds. I then cropped the image to what you see here. The waterfall is only a sliver but the camera does a decent job in my opinion to get what I wanted out of the shot.

  • Timber Mountain Log ride's final drop - This setup was done in the same format as the image from Camp Snoopy. Since there is minimal water going down the final drop with no logs, the focus then becomes on the water at the final curve in the lake heading back to the station.