OnePlus 10 Pro Long Exposure Mode


Today's shot is one that I've been meaning to take but haven't had a chance to do since I got the OnePlus 10 Pro, mostly because I haven't been in a place to test it out. This feature is called 'Long Exposure' in the stock camera app. It is a feature that I assume comes as the next one as a result of the OnePlus partnership with Hasselblad. as the 2nd smartphone feature after introducing the xpan mode on the OnePlus 9 Pro.

So what does Long Exposure do? It essentially automates the manual process of adjusting the shutter speed, ISO and various other features in Pro mode to take artistic style pictures easily. The stock camera app comes with 3 of these "settings" in the form of Moving vehicles, Water & clouds and Light painting. The 1st two are pretty self explanatory with the 3rd one looking like it makes it easier to take pictures of signs with like (like neon signs and such).

The picture above was taking with the Water & clouds setting and 12 second exposure. The beauty of these settings is that if you don't like the first shot you take, the exposure time can be adjusted from infinite to 12 seconds. The only downside is that much like HDR pictures, you have to hold the phone super steady for the best shot (with the alternative being to make sure one carries a tripod at all times, or at least when you know you might be taking some picture). With today's picture, i did find the trees and peripheral nature to be a bit blurry and the bushes to have a bit more contrast than i wanted. To correct this, I sharpened the image in Google Photos and applied the Dynamic filter to normalize the colors. For comparison, I took the same shot with the standard camera mode and contrast is less off so it might just be how the sunlight was in the shot. This picture also helps to show what Long Exposure is doing with the water. 

With future testing, I hope to use the other 2 modes as the opportunity arises but much like the xpan mode, Long Exposure does help to easily take some of those more professional looking pictures on the go. I also hope to have my tripod with me with some of those shots to see if that helps create better focused shots.