Easy Spicy Vegetable Ravioli

If you ask me what my favorite non-pizza Italian dish is, I go with ravioli every time. If there's a veggie version, then that's a definite bonus. One of the issues that I have though is that most places I've been too always skimp on the actual veggies. The most I've ever gotten was about 1/8 of a squash and a couple pieces of cauliflower or broccoli (but both if I'm lucky - which has only happened once I believe). I finally decided after all these years to see if I could make a better version of my favorite dish!

  • Ingredients

    1. 4 cheese ravioli [$8.99] - The pack I bought had a service size of 5 but would be about 3 if I didn't add any veggies
    2. Vegetable stir fry [$5.99] - The pack I bought had broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers and red onions
    3. Butter marsala spicy sauce [$3.99] - I think I bought a 20-24oz bottle which was enough for me but adjust the size depending on how much sauce you prefer in your pasta
    4. Salt / pepper / garlic to taste

  • Preparation

    1. Boil some water in a large pot [big enough to soak the ravioli entirely]
    2. Once boiling, put stove on low heat and add ravioli [Periodically stir the ravioli so they don't stick together or to the pot. Turn off the stove if they look cooked prior to the veggies being cooked}
    3. Wash stir fry veggies and place in a separate pan with salt, pepper and garlic [If the veggies pieces are too big, chop them up into smaller pieces. I ended up chopping up my veggies which helped later in mixing them with the ravioli]. Cook veggies till soft.
    4. Once the veggies are cooked, place the stove on low [around 1-3], add the ravioli and sauce. Mix them all together and cover the pan.
    5. Let all items cook together until you see the sauce bubbling a bit.
    6. Serve when done.
The end result of this work is that I made about 4-5 services of my favorite dish with some great flavor via the sauce. On top of that, I have a heaping of veggies to offset the cheese and dough in the ravioli. I was expecting to have 2 to 2.5 services but only made it through 1.5 services before I got full [and I was starving as it is so this is saying a lot}.