Dirty Soda

So of course after reading the one article about how Dirty Sodas are a big thing in Utah, I started getting articles either supporting or denying the Tik Tok user who reported it to begin with. On that note, I decided to see what it was all about and if it was really a thing. Near as I can tell, dirty soda's a essentially a quick and easy way to make a homemade cream soda. The default ingredients are creamer and Diet Coke but since I'm not a fan of either, I thought I would make my first experience one that made more sense to me.

To make my "Dirty Soda," I used 1 12oz can of Dr. Pepper and 2 cups of French Vanilla creamer. I put the creamer in a mug first, added the soda, then stirred until the mixture looked like frothy coffee with creamer.

As far as the taste goes, I found that my concoction does have hints of cream soda but overall, I found it to be tasty enough. Needless to say, it does taste best cold so add ice if needed but if your soda and creamer are already cold, then nothing else needs to be done.

If you're looking to make your own dirty soda, I would say, based on my one experience, to use a soda and creamer flavor that you enjoy. The amount of creamer may vary but 2 seems to be perfect but 3 doesn't seem like the flavor and creaminess would be overwhelming. If I buy another flavor of creamer in the future, I may try again with Dr. Pepper or even Mountain Dew if the offsetting creamer flavor matches.