The Boba Fett Themed Android Homescreen

If you're a fan of Boba Fett or The Mandalorian like me, then you'll appreciate this nifty little homescreen I put together. The homescreen was created using KLWP and is accessible using Nova Launcher for Android. The features I put into this homescreen include the following...

  1. The ring around the weather icon is a progress bar that adjusts to the current temp with a minimum value tied to the low temperature for the day and the high value set to the high temperature. The icon itself and the temperature information directly below it updates hourly to the current conditions.
  2. The image of Boba Fett (created by Instagram user zprep) doesn't do anything fancy but notifications show up as an overlay as they come in.
  3. The media player / battery section is the most dynamic of the layout. 
    1. When no media is playing, the progress bar shows the battery charge with a battery for when my phone isn't charging and a charging icon when it is. Additionally the date shows under the overlay to differentiate it from when music is playing.
    2. When music or podcasts are playing, the progress bar changes to the music playtime and the colors change based on the cover art. The text under this overlay also changes to the track title.
  4. The icon pack used for the app shortcuts and battery icons is called GreenLine Icon Pack LineX.