Return of the blog

Happy new year y'all! If you're reading this and you're confused by the change in content, do not fret, an explanation is coming. If you're new to my site, welcome! An update on what my blog is about is coming.

That being said, welcome to HeadphonesNeil The Blog, my little corner of the internet for sharing my random musings, the occasional recipe and maybe some photos I'm particularly proud of. While I don't blog as much as I used to, this site will be the sole home for said content. 

If you're an existing visitor to this site or peruse the site, you'll see some podcast episodes and may wonder what that's all about. That is because this site used to be the landing page for my podcast, HeadphonesNeil Reviews. While I still host said podcast, I've created a site to hold the posts separate from this blog at On the podcast, I review movies, TV shows, the occasional book and Android apps/ & games. Subscription and support options are all there along with a link the YouTube channel. Screencasts shared for the Android reviews are not only the same audio for the podcast version of the episode but also a visual for what I'm talking about so you can watch along to what I'm reviewing.

Long story short, to avoid breaking existing links, i'm keeping those posts there but decided to make January 1 2022 the starting point of the blog for an easy cutoff with podcast episode links being shared from the other site starting at the same time.

Cheers and thank you for checking out and following my content!