Xpns for KLWP on the OnePlus 8 Pro

  • So after watching The Expanse s05ep06 Tribes and figuring my KLWP skills are up to par for such an endeavor, I present my homescreen layout based on the phone UI we've seen a few times in the show. The klwp file is shared freely here as it currently works well on my OnePlus 8 Pro (and theoretically on any phone with a 6.78" screen) but I wanted to share the file for anyone who is a fan of the show and wants to use the file to customize it to their phone size.
  • Link to KLWP (file / screenshots / changelog as I make adjustments and fixes to improve the UI & elements)
For a bit of background on what's going on in the layout, here's a summary of the various pieces of the KLWP...

  • Prerequisites
    • KLWP with Pro Key - to import the file
    • Nova Launcher (Prime Key optional) - for app launcher shortcut (grid size for home screen is irrelevant since this is a Live Wallpaper but the dock is disabled to allow for the dock in the KLWP)
  • Setup
    • Global Variable - Image
      • Vibrant accent colors pulled from image of change
      • Change image in Settings>Global>Image & colors will automatically update
    • Calendar - Overlap group which Touch shortcut to Google Calendar (can be changed in settings to another app of choice)
    • News
      • Top 2 articles pulled from Android Central (clicking on the images/text opens the respective article)
      • Change source RSS in Settings>Globals>RSS if you want to use a different source (ensure images are generally easy to load to make them visible on the homescreen)
    • Conditions
      • Touching the 'Conditions' Header loads the OnePlus Weather app but can be changed in settings (Conditions > Conditions Header > Touch)
      • Touching any one of the weather forecast data sets will refresh the weather
    • Notifications
      • Touching the 'Notifications' Header opens the notification window
      • Touching the notification icon dismisses the notification
      • Touching the notification text opens the notification
      • Color adapted to notification icon when available, then default color when there's no notification
    • Media Player
      • Touching the album art goes to previous music track or skips back your default podcast value
      • Touching the media text plays/pauses the audio
      • Touching the empty area to the right of the text skips to the next track or forward your default podcast value
    • Shortcuts - Apps Dock
      • All Apps - opens app drawer, via Nova Launcher shortcut
      • Search - opens Google app, change via Shortcuts>Search>Touch (i.e. To something like directly open a web browser of choice, create a shortcut via Nova Launcher Shortcut to Search, etc)
      • Camera - opens the stock OnePlus camera app, change via Shortcuts>Camera>Touch
      • Gallery - opens the stock OnePlus gallery app, change via Shortcuts>Gallery>Touch
      • Music - opens Musicolet, change via Shortcuts>Music>Touch
      • Podcast - opens AntennaPod, change via Shortcuts>Podcast>Touch

The Expanse s05ep06 Tribes

Holden and the Roci go on the hunt. Amos and Clarissa seek shelter on a devastated Earth. Bobbie and Alex fight a desperate battle. Marco makes Drummer an offer she can't refuse. Avasarala returns to a position of power.



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