3 Step Sunset


In today's post, I'm going to share how I got to the image above.

Obviously, I have to take the shot for the source image. I took it on my OnePlus 8 Pro's stock camera with the 48mp lens.

From here, I applied the following changes using Snapseed for Android.

  1. Rotate the image - I adjusted the image approximately -1.5 to -2 degrees to make it look level. I didn't note the exact amount and I just eyeballed it from there.
  2. Crop the image - I took out the extra tree branches and leaves from the top of the image. While the silhouette looks cool, it was dead space that took away from the sunset and flowers in the bottom half of the image
  3. HDR Scape, People - I wanted to enhance the colors a bit and see the sun's reflection so I applied the filter at about 25%
  4. From here, I saved the image et voila, a pretty sunset with a device I almost always have in my pocket