OP8LP for KLWP (A Oneplus 8 Pro homescreen)

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  • Prerequisites
    • *KLWP with Pro Key required
    • *Setup with Nova Launcher (I'm using Pro but it's optional)
    • *A setup for the OnePlus 8 Pro (may also work with other devices with a screen size of 6.78")
  • Setup
    • KLWP requires Notification Access to work with notifications and media player controls. Location access is needed for the weather
    • In Nova Launcher, have 1 empty homescreen page at any size. The dock icon size is set to 100% with no padding. On-screen home button set to open the App Drawer but App Drawer icon can be used in the dock as well
    • Set KLWP as homescreen wallpaper
    • To change the wallpaper image, go to the Globals tab in KLWP and set the image in the BG module and you're all set! The global image module automatically changes the background image and border accents (Border tints change when media is playing based on the colors in the media's cover image)
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