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HeadphonesNeil Reviews is a podcast where I review movies, TV shows, and Android apps. I usually stream media from Amazon Prime Video or Netflix (aside from movies and TV shows that I already own which can also be watched using Google Play Movies). As an Android user, apps and games will be reviewed on this platform but I will indicate if it is also available on iOS.

Episodes are released to Patreon first as a perk for supporting the show. Reviews are released to the public feed a week or so after their initial release to the public feed which can be found via iTunes, Google Play Podcasts and RSS. App/game reviews are hosted on YouTube and are shared via the same schedule as audio episodes.

On a related note, i got my nickname of HeadphonesNeil as a person who usually wore headphones but hear conversation around me so the name stuck. Its a short story but I don't complain.