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    • Milestone Goals
      • $30.00/month - Theme, Film or TV Show Review and Star Wars Profile posted to Patreon feed with audio when ready
      • $75.00/month - App/Feature/Service review posted to Patreon feed with audio and link to YouTube feed when ready
      • $150.00/month - Q&A segment added to the podcast
      • $300.00/month - Ads removed from video reviews, website and podcast episodes
    • Rewards
      • $1 or more per month - My thanks and your question gets automatically added to the Q&A segment once the milestone is reached
      • $5 or more per month - the $1 Reward level PLUS the money gets used to rent/buy a TV or movie episode. If you recommend something to watch, I give a special shout-out on the episode where I review your recommendation!
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    • One time donations for similar items as the Patreon like apps, TV episodes and movie rentals