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Episode Guide

  1. Tech News
    1. Key Android news from the prior week
    2. Other platforms and news as they come up
  2. App/Feature/Service Review
    1. I review an app, game, feature or service
    2. Video is posted to the YouTube channel
    3. Patrons at any level can recommend something to review
  3. What I Watched
    1. A quick review of what I watched that week
    2. Newer shows (usually released within the past 2 weeks) will have spoilers
  4. Movie or TV show review
    1. I share the release date, summary and Rotten Tomatoes score (movies only)
    2. Spoiler warning also goes here for anything released within the past couple of weeks
  5. Star Wars Profile
    1. News or a review of a character related to something else on the show
    2. Review background, history and relationship to the galaxy as a whole