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Saturday, April 28, 2018

(Hardware Review) Add wireless charging to your smartphone

I tested the hardware with my OnePlus 3T running Android 8 Oreo.
  • CHGeek USB-C Wireless Charger
    • Pro - Easy to plug in and attach to phone
    • Cons - bulky in case, unplugging is tedious for cable charging
    • Amazon
  • Spigen Essential Fast Wireless Charger
    • Pros - indicator flashes red when not charging & solid orange when charging
    • Con - sensitive charging area
    • Amazon
  • Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand
    • Pro - good charging zone for setting and forgetting
    • Con - with add-on wireless charger the phone tilts in portrait mode so feels unsteady
    • Amazon
  • Anker PowerPort Wireless 10
    • Pro - good charging area
    • Con - Does not feel as durable as bulkier units if dropped or rolled on with chair
    • Amazon