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Sunday, March 5, 2017

KLWP > Media Weather and News

  • Preview
  • Requirements
  • Summary - My KLWP automatically pulls the album art, if available, as a background that is slightly blurred and dimmed as well as an image cover to “hide” top new stories. The currently playing track, track author and track progress are provided. Below the media information is the current day’s temperature, condition, high & low temperature as well as that day’s forecasted condition. A 3 day forecast with high and low temperature along with condition is provided to the right of the current day’s weather information. Lastly, by touching the album art, the top 3 stories from CNN are provided with title and description. Touching the news stories will re-hide the news and show the album art.
  • Features
    • All elements (except track progress bars) fade in
    • Track progress bars rotate into view
    • The transition from album art to news and vice versa is a fade animation
    • The CNN news top stories is their public RSS which can be changed to whatever source is desired
    • The background pulls the currently playing album art and is blurred to 50 with a dim value of 25