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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Superbowl 50 Live Tweet Recap

  • Review
    • For Super Bowl 50, we have the Horses playing the Cats and a finishing move called Smelling The Armpit which people call The Dab
    • So the Panthers made the Colts horse entrance more epic
    • Kevin Hart pulled off Bad Boys II perfectly
    • All the Michelob commercial taught me is that beer takes your breath away
    • Nobody can say no to a dorito
    • A puppymonkeybaby is just weird
    • Isn't taunting necessary roughness?
    • So instead of more adjectives, they're going the Rocky road?
    • Sometimes dancing a jig pays off
    • I suppose one of the Superman leaps would work
    • Seal cameos a cover of his song ftw
    • Christopher Walken should say pizzazz all the time