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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Blog - La Jolla

Since I haven't done any posts lately for my monthly photo recaps, I figured I would share some of my pictures from my trip to La Jolla. There is nothing special really aside from them being some of my favorite pictures that I took so here they are to enjoy. The link to the full album can be found here.

The first image is an art statue that I missed the night before because, well, it was dark. When I saw it the following afternoon, I thought it was a piece of street art but it is actually part of the gallery right next to it. I found it intriguing as the only notation on it was not to touch it but nothing about the author or when it was made (or even a name for that matter).

While walking on the beach, the pier looked free of too many people so I went in that general direction and liked the general clean look and feel so I decided to grab this shot.

Towards the evening but prior to the sunset, I was relaxing in one of the huts that line the cliffs along the beach and decided to grab this shot.

At the end of the day after dinner, I was checking the sunset time and realized I would be able to catch it in time so I got this shot. There were two views I could get this shot from but this one provided the better reflection while the other one was more sand and water with fewer cliffs.