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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

These End Times (well not really)

As a followup to my recent post about taking the month of for my scheduling change, I wanted to provide an update today for the direction I will be going. While it is not a turn I expected to make, it is providing me a way to try something a little bit different but not too far outside of what I have done before.

Due to the way my new schedule is working out, I will no longer be able to continue releasing 4 podcasts a week. I have spent most of the past couple of weeks seeing how I could make it work as is, mostly with rearranging release dates, adjusting the presentation, etc. but it just wouldn't work. The solution that I have come up with that works for me is to merge the shows into one and release one show every week to cover the same material. More information on this show will be coming in the next week or two with the outline, release schedule, start date, etc. In the meantime, to focus on those efforts I wanted to provide the end date for my existing shows so make the transition over a little smoother.

It does make me a bit sad, as The Android Realm Podcast was my first foray into podcasting but as with new things, I hope to make the 2nd round bigger and better just as exciting, if not more so.

Be sure to keep your eyes on my Twitter feed @pateln01 for regular updates and how to subscribe and find the new show when the intro episode is released.