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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Trailer

With the third trailer in 3 days, this is a very exciting time in the Star Wars universe. Today we got the trailer for season 2 of Star Wars rebels. It is very exciting not only in that we get more of the series but we get a continuation of the Ahsoka storyline from the Clone Wars series but we also received a preview of everyone's favorite smuggler Hondo, also of Clone Wars fame. Here are some of the memorable and notable events from the trailer.

To start, we get an opening shot of Darth Vader reminiscent of Vader from Revenge of the Sith but in his black armor, which is then followed by stormtroopers rushing forward. This is of signifance to me because of the direct Revenge of the Sith feel but also in that we have more of a sense of urgency than we saw in Episode III.

Next up, we have 3 of the crew from the Ghost reviewing battle tactics much like we see in A New Hope or Empire Strikes Back. Jumping ahead a bit for the purposes of this shot, we do see AT-ATs on an ice planet which would have me guessing (and hoping) for a battle similar to the Battle of Hoth.

Next up we have a shot of Ezra and Ahsoka with Ahsoka asking if she can join up with them. I like this as it seems we may get more of her "backstory" in that I hope we learn more about what she has been doing since she left the Jedi order and how she joined up with the rebels.

We now also get an overview of Star Destroyers searching what I presume to be Lothal as the planet is the focus of this trailer but we also learn that Star Destroyers seem to have searchlights built in. I like this shot mostly because it is not a scene we normally see in the Star Wars universe.

Next up we get a preview of a new soldier type which I'll cover in a bit but it does not seem to be in the lines of a stormtrooper but rather something more.

My favorite part of the trailer is the introduction of Captain Rex. I liked this for two reasons in that we get more of the tying together of the Clone Wars with Rebels and that we learn that clones can in fact get old. My vague memory of it was that the clones ended up deteriorating shortly after the end of the Clone Wars hence the need to look outside the original template to build the army.

As mentioned at the start of the post, we get a preview of our favorite smuggler from the Clone Wars, Hondo. We'll see how he plays into the series but if past experience is any guide, the rebels will probably need his weapons in some capacity or for him to create a distraction.

We also get a quick preview of AT-ATs attacking on what appears to be an ice planet. I would presume it to be Hoth but as we have a new desert planet from the 2nd The Force Awakens trailer, we'll see where this attack takes place.

Later, we get a close up of the solder/trooper from earlier who then engages in a lightsaber duel. I presume him to be an inquisitor mostly because his lightsaber is built along the same lines as the inquisitor from season 1. 

Rounding out the trailer, we have a direct battle between Kanan, Ezra and Darth Vader. Based on the successive scenes, something may have happend to Kanan or is otherwise incapacitated to the point where Ezra is left alone to battle Vader and seems to be losing.

This final scene reminds me of when Ahsoka was fighting the Magna Guards and seemed to be fought down to the point of exhaustion so we'll see where this scene ends up.

So all in all, the trailer gave me a feeling of A New Hope mixed with The Empire Strikes Back with the fun of the Clone Wars TV series.