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Friday, April 17, 2015

Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer 2

So this week with Star Wars Celebration 2015, we got a bra new trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens. This trailer is particularly exciting as we get a lot more footage than the prior trailer. With that being said, let's get through some of the key points.

The opening scene starts with a wide angle shot of a new planet called Jakku. A speeder can be seen crossing the desert which leads to wreckage of a Star Destroyer

Following this scene, we get a voiceover of Luke Skywalker talking about how the Force runs through his family with dark footage of the destroyed helmet of Darth Vader.

This scene transitions into a still scene of what can be presumed to be R2-D2 and his eye flashing. There is a hooded figure with a robot arm on a firey planet or near a fire of some sort.

The next scene is of a kneeling figure handing a lightsaber to a standing cloaked figure. A bit of speculation on my part would be that the lightsaber looks to be Luke's old lightsaber being handed to him. The additional speculation of the standing figure being Luke is based on the prior photo of Luke in his Jedi robes.

Following this scene is more of the X-Wing scene over the "water" planet where we see a squadron of X-Wings and a very excited pilot. From here we see more of the tri-bladed lightsaber wielder who we now see as being a masked figure. My initial thought was this is some variant of Revan or maybe Kylo Ren as some sort of Revanite. Other scenes included the speederbike lady and Renn and a Tie Fighter hangerbay being destroyed.

The Sith scene is followed by a quick scene of stormtroopers coming to attention.

The final big scene is more of the Millennium Falcon scene being chased by Tie Fighters where we see more of the Tie Pilot and a stormtrooper in enhanced gear. Other scenes include the speederbike lady and more of Finn looking very concerned.

We also get more of BB-8 who is hiding out on a ship of some sort and peaks around the corner.

Finally, the trailer closes out with Han Solo telling Chewbacca that they're home. I imagine this is their reuniting with the Falcon or more plausible in my mind, their return to Tatooine.