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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Monument-L Valley

With the update to Monument Valley and many apps updating their design with Material Design, I thought I'd show some support for both with my Android homescreen and how you can get the same look.



Other Downloads

Nova Launcher
To start, you will need to sign up to the Nova Launcher to get the animations from Android 5. The features I'm using are the slide up animation for the app drawer and app launch, circle animation for folders, line app view for folders and fast transitions. The folder background is set to solid white with no transparency. I set the Icon Theme to the Lollipop set provided with Nova Launcher so no additional installation is required there.

Zooper Widget
My homescreen grid is set at 4x4 in Nova Launcher to set the 4x4 Zooper widget. I use Zooper Widget Pro for hotspots based on the following. The date at the top right launches Google Calendar, the battery info at the top center launches Android's battery stats, and the weather info launches the The Weather Channel app. The diamond above the level number launches AllCast with the level number opening Google Maps. All hotspots can be changed but are currently labeled to match my setup so remember to change the labels if hotspots are changed for easy reference.

Customizations and Adjustments
The Google Calendar and The Weather Channel app are the ones I use which is why those are optional. If you prefer another weather and calendar app, those can just as easily be used since the hotspots simply launch the respective apps. Those hotspots can be disabled as well if you want the information only for quick reference.

I have included wallpapers for levels IV and V because Nova Launcher supports Android 4 and above and Zooper Widget supports Android 3.2 and higher. This look can be done with other launchers as well like Apex Launcher which is still Android 4.0.3 and above. Other launchers like Holo Launcher can be used for versions of Android prior to 4.0 but the look starts to move away from Material Design so other things like icon packs may also need to be installed. I have included a wallpaper for Level II in any case if you want more of a Monument Valley look and don’t mind the UI differences.

My screen setup is based on a 4.7" screen (720x1280 resolution) so different screen sizes may require moving the text and hotspots. The hotspots are at 100% transparent so set them high enough to see to adjust if needed then change them back.