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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Photos for June 2014

Earlier this year I learned that YouTube allows creating photo slideshows as part of the feature set of video creation. Since then, at the end of every month (into the start of the following month), I have created these slideshows to share all the pictures that were fit to post for that month in one place. Each month, I have tried to have a consistent new type of feature like all HDR or using a specific set of filters and photo adjustments. This month, I had a mix of a everything in almost every picture so I find that I don't really need a specific theme until something new comes out that I get stuck on.

One thing that you will find is that I like to have HDR to some extent in all of my pictures. I usually try to take a picture in HDR using A Better Camera. I do this when I want a regular picture and don't plan to make too many adjustments or the picture I'm taking does not really need it. I find this is generally the case when I'm taking broad nature shots that can fit in a regular shot. When I want to take bigger shots (basically panorama) or want to focus in on set objects using Lens Blur, I use Google Camera. I like Google Camera for these two modes but the pictures are of course standard shots so I usually apply at least the Drama and HDR Scape filters to clean them up and make them look more lively. I sometimes add Center Focus to adjust lighting effects and how various point in the picture look by trying to adjust shading throughout the picture.

In the end, if I take a picture that is taken well in HDR or I can adjust to look good to my eyeball standards, then I will share it. I have included links below where I post my pictures if you want to share the posts (or set them as your smartphone or desktop wallpaper.